What is your unique purpose?  We all are born with a unique purpose to fulfill.  Taking the time to figure out is what keeps people from ever finding out what their true passion is.  What happens is that you tend to settle for who you’ve become instead of who you are.  Life happens & we derail from our purpose or dream.  Ask yourself how do I figure out who I really am?  How do I understand what is for me in this life?  Are you listening to your inner voice (instinct) or to others in society to determine who you should be?

Do not try to live up to what others tell you what you should do.  Or who you should be.  We all have been taught to do what everyone else did before us, like go to school (a given), get a job & work toward retirement (which at this rate – no one will retire comfortably).  We know that going to school isn’t an option.  That aside, we need to a mindset of figuring out who we are & what we want to do in life.  If you want something outside of the “normal” life, you work a little harder.  Sure, getting a job is the easy part, however, will that satisfy you to living out your true unique purpose?

Me?  I’ve worked for the last 29 years.  For what?  Companies, who at the end of the day, do not care. I can say this as a certainty.  Working for companies, laid off after years of service, a severance package that runs out & you are looking for a new job.  I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted in my life.  I decided to do what I truly love & tap into my unique purpose, which is give advice to others on their transitional derailments (i/e – divorce, finances, family, relationships, etc).  Getting to that mindset was not hard.  Knowing that this is my purpose is what drives me daily (even without a 9-5).

To define yourself or put yourself in a box of what others see you as or what you have been told you should do is not a way to find out what you going to love.  There are jobs where your purpose may be what you love, teachers, nurses, etc.  However, if you are in a place that is not giving you great satisfaction & joy daily will tell you that you need to (a) figure out what you love (b) start working toward that, by setting goals & creating actions to get you there (c) surrounding yourself with like-minded people & most importantly, invest in yourself.

Do not get overwhelmed finding what your purpose is.  It lives in you, all you have to do is tap into it, realize it’s what you always wanted & go for it.  Don’t overthink it or the process.  It comes naturally without forcing.  Go get it!

Live your life of destiny & unique purpose.  Watch the joy it will bring to your everyday life.