I got up this morning with the determination to do more, be more & act more.  God said to me “rise & be determined”, “rise & be courageous”.  I’m going to ask you, what did God tell you to do today?  Did you act on what he said, or did you continue to sit, hear Him speak to you & ignore what the instructions were?  I couldn’t, as I laid there trying to go back to sleep, he kept talking to me.  So I got up & said ok.

At what point do you put the fear aside & move into the space he is telling you to go?  At what point do you decide to be determined to live the life you have?  At what point do you live the plan that has been already destined for you?  At what point?????  When you see someone live the dream they have burning in them?  When your friends start to do well & you are on the sidelines wishing to be doing what they are doing?  When, I ask again, when?

Stop taking the approach of I will start tomorrow, this afternoon, in an hour….get up & start right now, start when God keeps talking in your ear when you are trying to sleep.  Start NOW!!  As I am constantly reminded, we are not promised tomorrow so you need to live for today, you need to live for the moment.  Everything you do will be directed in the correct way if you stay focused on what is in front of you.  The distractions are a way to keep you from getting to the end goal, but if you stop, reassess and reset..the path becomes clear again.  What is your determination today? To do what God is telling you?  How are you going to move the obstacles to greatness? Stand on a foundation of concrete & not sinking sand.  Be strong, keeping the weakness behind you.

Take the fear, push it to the side & move to be determined for what greatness awaits you.  Do not let fear grip you to the point where you are stalled or stopped.  Always move forward, the past is the past.  It cannot be changed, you cannot undo it.  Take those lessons to move you to the future that awaits you.  As you listen or read this, know that  everyone is (including myself) are also taking those steps, you are never alone in your journey.  Embrace it.  However, you get there is up to you.
So – what are you determined to do today????  Don’t dream it! Do it!