Is there a logical reasoning why in this day & age women are still paid less than their male counterparts?  Did we forget that in addition to the amount of work we are doing in the workplace how much work we are doing outside of the workplace that goes unpaid?  We are moms, volunteers, advocates & many more titles that go without being paid.  Being a single mom having to raise 2 kids, I’ve demanded to be paid what my counterparts make.  I do just as much as they do and work just as hard.  Why would you try to pay me less than a man just because of we are of opposite sex?  Who in their right mind would think it’s ok to pay one person $.77 and give the other $1.00 for the same work.

Keeping in mind, women spend 2 times the amount of money on things that involve everyday life.  In many households, we are the main providers.  What does it take to have this talk at the table & have changes made that make a difference.  So many of our women are living at or below the poverty level trying to balance home/work/school/extra curricular items for their kids, etc.  The idea here is to have everyone on the same playing field.  Not to give one more than the other.  Yes we are making strides, however, they are no where near it should be in 2016.  What does it take for someone to see & understand that the gap is still very real & very large.  Regardless of how many women are in high level positions, from Congress to CEO’s of major companies, there are still way too many regular everyday women who are struggling with making ends meet for their families.  There should not be a penalty for women who are the bearers of our children & raise our future leaders of this country.  This is supposed to be country equal for all; we know that isn’t the case – but that is a topic for another day.

What are you willing to do to make sure you are being paid top dollar for the work you do?  Are you still standing in the shadows waiting for the increase?  Are you bold enough to ask for the equal pay for equal work?  Get in the faces of those who are in charge, the city council, the state leaders, the national leaders – let them know this is not acceptable & it needs to change – Today, not tomorrow, not in 5 years…TODAY.