Dreams should be the way we live our lives & teach others to as well.  To  DREAM for me stands for:

D – Determination, Drive
Do not let anyone or anything stand in your path to greatness that awaits you

R – Responsible
Always be responsible for all of your actions. We all make mistakes. Learn from them

E – Eager, Enthusiastic, Ethical
Keep an open mind to everything. Be enthusiastic to change. Do the right things

A – Attitude
Stay positive in your attitude toward others and your everyday life. This goes a long way to how others will treat you

M – Motivation, Morals
Be motivated to do your best, someone is always watching

Be thankful always to those who are willing to offer their time, talent, gifts & contacts to help you succeed and achieve your dreams.  At some point it will be your turn to assist someone elseto help them with their dreams.

We all fall short in the goals we set in our lives, we are human and it is expected – we are not perfect and not always going to have a smile on our face everyday & remind ourselves that your situation could be worse.  Find that one thing that keeps you moving toward your dreams. Use it & stay focused.  Stay blessed.