Last night was a joy to watch our 2015 Oak Grove Eagle football team receive their CCS championship rings.

Watching these young adults receive this reward for a job that was hard-fought, trying at times, learning the process of maturation in not giving up when you might be down (which only happened in the playoffs) & respect for the game on a different level.  To watch a run that was 11 straight wins and complete a goal they had when they were on JV is something that will be difficult to repeat.  This group of young men have a bond that you see that only comes from a championship mindset.  The goal was clear & there was nothing less to be expected.  WIN A CCS CHAMPIONSHIP.

The joy and excitement of getting those rings isn’t anything I’ve ever been a part of in my lifetime & to watch my son get a ring as well as his brothers is indescribable as a parent.  I watched my son give everything & leave everything on that field every single week.  This season he matured beyond measure, took a leadership role & made sure he was there for the task at hand.  There were days he was in pain after a game – no one knew but me & him.  A wrist that was hurting, a shoulder that was bothering him, his back hurt sometimes.  Saturday mornings when he was just physically spent, so he would sleep a little longer than usual.  But never complained about any of it.  This is how is was for the entire team.  Banged up, bruised up…twisted ankles, jacked wrists, hurt shoulders, legs, arms, fingers, etc.  The cost of playing a sport they love so much.  The goal was still in sight.

Week in and week out teams come to our field & we traveled to theirs.  Confident & knowing what was at the end of the tunnel.  These teams we were rolling over.  Every week and in true OG form they played until the final whistle blew.  They won by an average of 42pts a game.  Refs tried to make it so we would not get a touchdown, had us looking like we were the most penalized team in the league every week with mystery flags for things that didn’t exist & not calling penalties when the infraction was literally right in front of them.  Giving our opponent the ball 15 yards from the spot when it was only 5.  Actually moving our spot so we didn’t have a 1st down, etc.  Typical of how we are treated for being OAK GROVE EAGLES.  It starts in pop warner with the haterism.  We are used to it & every week – we show up & show out for the haters. You could never leave it in the hands of the ref crew.  Watch the film it speaks volumes to what this group was up against.

To know they were not going to be denied of this goal was truly something special.  A group of boys who claimed their prize as sophomores & kept grinding until they had this ring.  One thing this has taught them, they can call the goal & can reach it through all the obstacles in their way.  They proved it to the entire league & state.  The OG parents never had a shred of doubt, we knew….we just knew.

To the group of seniors (including Jelani) – you boys are our sons, each of you hold a special place in our hearts.  Never let anyone tell you that your goals are not reachable.  This season proved you can do anything & can achieve anything in this life.  Keep on your grind, continue to make us proud – you are now part of Oak Grove history & the banner will always have a story to tell to those coming after you.  Now to the next journey & goals.  Shine young men…SHINE.