Why are we debating whether or not to raise the wages of the American people?  What makes it ok for those who are struggling making what they deem an acceptable wage to keep them barely above the poverty line?  How do you justify having the “richest” society in the world, yet we have families, veterans and elderly living on the streets and in shelters, begging on corners for spare change, food, toiletries & work?  Who thought this was ok?  I’m confused…

We argue about letting people have medical insurance to cover the ridiculous cost of having their health checked & won’t let the President do his job to help the people as he promised.  Instead of fighting this man EVERY step of the way, he has done nothing but move forward on those promises.  While everything will not be perfect, but is that 1st generation gadget you bought perfect or are there bugs to work out?  Ask him what he needs from you and present your ideas in a manner that is used to work out the  bugs, not try to find everything that is possibly wrong with a bill.

So to let people continue to struggle with the rising costs of living is ok.  I would ask that everyone who opposes raising the wage to live, take 1 year to live as a person who is making $10/hr (or less) in the same type of place, with the same bills, food, kids, etc – so you can feel the pains of having to figure out how you make it from paycheck to paycheck, all the while, keeping a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back & the lights on.  Unfortunately, for millions of Americans this is a daily struggle.  One that we should not have to endure.

You tax the people at an unreal rate as it is and want to scrutinize everything we do with the money we are working for.  No one is giving it to us, we are working for it.  There is a difference.  I’m entitled to live the life that GOD gave me, not the one the government wants me to have.  Meanwhile the welfare system is not working at the  capacity that it was intended.  There have been little change over the years.  While we work and pay these amounts of ridiculous taxes, we have people who are bleeding the system for everything.  They live in better homes, drive nicer cars, live like they have paid into this system while people who are living paycheck to paycheck are told they make too much money to get a little assistance.

Why are the income tax brackets so high for those who are retired and need their money to live?  Have these folks not paid into this unrelenting system long enough only to be continually taxed at a higher rate than those who are making millions?  When do we as a people stop putting up with such nonsense and use some common sense to stand and demand what is right.  Those of us who have worked should have a right to determine whether or not to raise a living wage for those who are barely able to live in this society.  I, quite frankly, think we have earned the right to have a voice in a matter that allows everyone to equally have the same as the next person regardless of what they may look like.

It amazes me that we have the rate of poverty in this country, yet those sitting in the 1% bracket can determine what happens at the level of someone who works 40 -60+ hours a week for pennies, while they are determining who is worthy and who is not.  Give me a break.  I have worked as hard as the next person, but because I do not have the finances of those 1% you can tell me whether I do or do not have a choice in fighting for those who aren’t able to voice their say.  Too many of us see the people out on the streets asking for money..some of these folks did NOT choose this.  They have been left out there while people in high financial spaces chose to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top.  Regardless of who is being affected – bottom line.

To see that you need to make a six-figure income to just afford a 2 bedroom apartment here is obscene.  When did that become ok?  Only when it is affecting someone a person in a power position will the things start to change.  Get out there, have a voice, be seen & do not let anyone ever tell you we aren’t able to make a change – that is pure bs.  We need to stand together to be a forceful fist that will fight for the rights of others & the fact we should have a way for folks to live without being left in the back to fend for themselves.  What will you do?  How will you fight?  Or will you stand on the sidelines…make a choice.