I ask one simple question…how did we as a society get to the point of having a give it to me now, now, now attitude? When did it become the norm to just expect to get things right as you ask for it?  A lifestyle of expectation of now.  I grew up in a day & age of you get it when I give it to you or here’s food for thought.  You worked for it.

Watching all these millennials in this life of easy street items to serve them at every turn have created a society of people who have no critical thinking skills, hell, these are the same people who aren’t able to figure out correct cash back in their heads to give to you at the store.  Have no concept of how to read or write cursive or basic etiquette. Or balance a checkbook – they can’t write checks either.

I am so thankful that my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles & the community taught us how to think for ourselves.  You didn’t have a computer at your fingertips ever.  You had no choice – use your brain.  That’s what God gave it to you for (as they would tell us).  The kids have no basic communication skills, heads down looking at a screen 24/7.  It’s all right there, everything you need to know – PSYCHE! (or sike).

Our lives have become that of a touch of anything & it’s there.  No questions asked.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love that our lives are made 100% easier with technology, but at what cost to the next generations of humans coming up?  You don’t have to leave the house for anything now.  It’s become far to easy.

What happened to working to learn something & then being able to apply it in everyday life?  What have we turned our lives into?