My main question is why is there such a problem getting proper treatment of the mentally impaired?  Why do you need to go through so much red tape and jump through hoops only to be told time and time again that there is little to nothing that can be done to help the loved ones who are suffering.
It seems that there isn’t a fight or any light to a situation until it happens to be a member of a prominent member of society or high ranking person who can afford treatments and can get the story out for others to take notice.  What is so different in their situation that they can be heard while those who are working hard day to day and fighting the system at every angle only to be told there aren’t enough services to help.  Why do you insist on constantly medicating instead of monitoring and helping.  Why are insurance companies allowed to tell you that you don’t have enough insurance to cover mental health services.

We are a nation of plenty and yet we still let people suffer in their own mental prisons.  When did this become an acceptable part of our society.  We continue to let these people fall through the cracks and you as a government continue to treat them as if they are a burden to our society instead of a person who needs justifiable assistance.

Treatment is difficult to come by especially for children.  They are often mis-diagnosed, over/under medicated.  Parents do not know where to turn & the options are few and far in between.  There seems to be no logical order to getting help for children and the families of those children suffering.  How long do you have to wait, who is there to help, why is there a lack of sufficient support, inconsistent diagnosis of symptoms…let’s properly treat them instead of giving a quick prescription to move to the next patient.  Children do not understand what is happening to them or why.  They are often left to parents who are unable to help them and feel helpless to a system that is very resistant to help.

I have watched a friend go through this exact non-sense to help her child, fighting and scratching for every service she can possibly get for her child.  She has a wonderful support system of family and friends to help…but face it, not everyone is that fortunate.  We have watched her as a single parent go through her child being medicated incorrectly, overly medicated (almost to the point of sedation daily), under medicated & being told that there were no services there to help.  She does everything in her power to get every service possible.  She knows that once the child turns 18, the service that are being received now, will cease.

We have elderly, veterans with difderent types of mental issues due to age or combat. How are we treating these people? It seems that in all cases that at any age the services are not there to properly provide adequate care if you are a “regular” citizen. We ahoukd be pushjng dor mentalbhealthcare reform onball levels so that the parents of children, spouses & other family memebers have avenues to take so that they are able to supply the proper care for their lived ones. It seems only the wealthy are able to push for their care & be taken seriously.

Take a stance, be heard, be seen & fight for the folks who aren’t able to do so for themselves.