Now what I mean by this is if you want to succeed in your life why are you do you continue to feed these people who are already successful in theirs? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s not okay to purchase to help others or purchase something from your favorite sports team or your favorite whatever.. However, if you aren’t succeeding in your life why then do you keep on feeding those who are succeeding? Because when you’re feeding them – think about this – you’re feeding their families, you’re putting the roof over their heads, you’re putting clothes on their backs and their families back, you are paying for their lifestyle, meanwhile, in the background you’re struggling because you aren’t succeeding, you aren’t living your dream – these folks who have made it – they’re living the dream and we’re paying for their success. Unless you are being paid for your success stop feeding everyone else’s – stop feeding their continuous dream, stop feeding their continuous progression and their lives until you’ve progressed. You need to sit down, be still and wait on the Lord.  Everybody goes through it. We all purchase items we do not need at all, we all make sure that if you have a job you’re kind of making sure your bills are right (this doesn’t apply to everyone, you know who you are), making sure your is family fed, too large of a percentage of the population is living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Not taking care of things how they should be taking care of them. Yet, they are still feeding other people success.  When you’re buying a sports tickets and don’t get me wrong – I’m a sports junkie, I love to go to games, however, I haven’t been to any games outside of my son’s football games or a couple other things because at some point you’ve got to say enough is enough. You’re feeding the team’s successes when your team wins by getting all of the items associated with them, on the other hand don’t believe that  when your team isn’t winning you aren’t still going or buying.  Because we’re still buying those tickets, still buying season passes, still buying them premium seats, you still feeding those sports families. So until you succeed do not continue to feed. Start having small successes in your life, meaning if you are looking to start a new job or you’re looking to get into a new career, making yourself stable & having abundance be your number one thing. Once your abundance starts to flow in, realize the Lord is supplying with you with everything that you have. Make sure you are feeding your family first, make sure you are succeeding first.

Before you buy that designer jacket or pair of jeans or that watch trying to be like everybody else with their name brand on their behind (like Run DMC, Rock Box 1984) they won’t get you anywhere but behind, stop feeding into the successes of others – make your own jeans, get your own name out there, make your own watches, manufacture your own clothing lines. We all have a desire to have nice things and being in places that make us happy. Honestly, believe me anywhere where there is a football game, basketball game, hockey, baseball.  I don’t care what it is, if there is sports involved that’s what makes me smile. I love to be around games. I love to be around that atmosphere however, you know that if you are not in a position where you are succeeding how do you justify it?  You cannot be feeding any of that. So take a hard look at what you’re spending on, take a hard look at what your kids are spending on. Likes the kids who watch these YouTube channels and I have said time and time again until you are doing what you need to be doing, stop paying their bills, that’s all you doing  – they get sponsored based on the number of followers to their channels, meanwhile you are broke as a joke.  Or kids who like to play video games, stop paying for those extras on those video games, stop giving people this money, you aren’t trying to stop the economy, but you will find that keeping that extra money in your pocket allows you to do something else that you made need to be doing in your life and it could be anything. It’s whatever you desire that to be – so again start looking at what you’re doing, start acting on the premise of I’m not where I want to be right now so I should not be giving away my time, talents or gifts for free.  Get out there & be seen, be heard & be confident that what you are leading to is a better path of freedoms for yourself that will have a ripple effect for years to come.